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 Summer Jobs for Kids

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PostSubject: Summer Jobs for Kids   Mon May 02, 2011 1:39 am

Summer jobs are invaluable. They are not only a source of pocket money for teens but, also an opportunity for them to understand what responsibility is and how to manage money. Kids are never too young to understand responsibility and money management. The earlier they understand it, the better for them and the family. Summer jobs make them responsible towards their work, helping them realize its importance. What kids learn from the experience of summer jobs is invaluable. The vital part is to learn to enjoy the work they do, that is to earn while having fun. Listed below are few summer job ideas that your child may find interesting.


Babysitting is a popular job option for teens. There are various courses that institutes offer where one can even get babysitting certificates, for example, the Red Cross offers babysitters classes for 11 to 15 year olds. Another better option is to become your mother's helper. This way the child can learn the most of the babysitting tricks from the mother itself. The child helps parents in their household duties or babysitting while parents are still at home. The work involved is:

* Play with younger ones while mom is busy with other work
* Help in laundry and doing the dishes
* Prepare light meals

Car Wash

Car wash is the coolest summer job. People usually are ready to get their car washed from a kid and pay, rather than getting a costly commercial car wash. Get a group of friends and hold car washes on weekends. Get the things that you will need, like, bucket, window cleaner, towels, car soaps, etc. Teens can charge anything between 5 dollars (small cars) to 10 dollars (trucks etc). This job can get a little more extra bucks than babysitting.

Pet Care

If your child loves playing with animals, pet caring is the right summer job for him / her. But, it also requires a lot of patience and energy, to control the pets. The jobs in this category include pet grooming, walking dogs or pet sitting. Walking or feeding a dog will help the child learn some responsibility.

Yard Work

Yard work is another very popular choice with teenagers because one not only learns the tricks of gardening, but it also gets more money than any other summer job. Commercial yard mowing services charge around 100 dollars for half an acre, which is too costly, but a teen can easily earn upto 25 30 dollars for half an acre. No gardening equipment is required, as people generally provide all the needed tools and material for gardening. The work may include:

* Weeding
* Raking the trimmings for trash collection
* Cleaning old leaves from plants
* Watering plants

Some Other Ideas for Summer Jobs for Teens

* Holding a lemonade stall
* If the child is a good student, he can help other younger kids with reading or math
* Delivering newspapers and mails in the neighborhood
* Wearing clown costumes in birthday parties

Few Tips for Success For Kids

* Always give your best
* Be courteous
* Work hard
* A good job done may get you referrals for additional work
* Never whine

No advertising is needed. The best way to make people know that your child is available for work in summer is by word of mouth. Other ways of advertising can be through local newspapers and web sites. Parents should know where the child is working and ensure that their child is safe.

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Summer Jobs for Kids
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