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 Treaty of Alcáçovas

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PostSubject: Treaty of Alcáçovas   Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:30 am

Portugal on one side championed the claim of the daughter of Enrique IV of Castile, Juana, to the crown of Castile, while the Kingdom of Aragon championed the rights of Isabel to that crown. King Afonso V of Portugal was married to Juana, about whom rumors of illegitimacy were spread and who was popularly known as Juana "la Beltraneja", because her father was alleged to be Beltrán de La Cueva.
When Isabella, who was married to Prince Ferdinand of Aragon and whose claim to the crown was also disputed, was crowned Queen of Castile, civil war broke out in 1474. Portugal was finally defeated in the Battles of Toro in 1476 and Albuera in 1479.

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Treaty of Alcáçovas
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