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 Upper Burgundy

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PostSubject: Upper Burgundy   Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:55 pm

Upper Burgundy (also Transjurane Burgundy Bourgogne transjurane, also Transjurania) is the part of Burgundy east of the Jura mountains, that together with the western County of Burgundy from 868 formed the Kingdom of Upper Burgundy, encompassing both sides of the Jura mountains range. The adjective "upper" refers to its location further up the Rhone Valley as distinct from Lower Burgundy (Cisjurania) and also from the Duchy of Burgundy west of the Sa˘ne river. Upper Burgundy was reunited with the Kingdom of Lower Burgundy in 933 (see Kingdom of Burgundy), and merged into the Kingdom of Arles (Arelat).

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Upper Burgundy
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