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 Young Ireland

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PostSubject: Young Ireland   Thu Dec 01, 2011 5:47 pm

name Young Ireland was originally used in a disparaging way to describe the group of young Repeal Association members who were associated with The Nation newspaper.[1] At the time, the Repeal Association was campaigning for the repeal of the Act of Union 1800 between the kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland.[2] The term was first coined by the "English" press,[1] and later used by leader Daniel O'Connell in a vindictive attack at Conciliation Hall, home of the Repeal Association.[3]
Young Ireland traced its origins to the new College Historical Society, founded on 29 March 1839, at a meeting at Francis Kearney’s chambers, 27 College.[4] Among the members of this new society were John Blake Dillon, Thomas MacNeven, William Eliot Hudson and Thomas Davis,[4] who was elected its president in 1840.[4][5] While still at Trinity College, Davis had addressed the Dublin Historical Society, which met at the Dorset Institute in Upper Sackville Street from 1836 to 1838. Davis became president and gave two lectures. (Available from the National Library of Ireland, the lectures clearly show that Davis had become a convinced Irish nationalist by this period.[6]

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Young Ireland
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