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PostSubject: A pure Woman --《TESS OF THE DURBERVILLES》   Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:34 am

TESS OF THE DURBERVILLES is one of the most famous world masterpiece of "Wessex Series" written by Thomas Hardy,The novel describes the tragic fate of a pure girl,Heroine Tess is a beautiful farm girl,She was deflowered and pregnant due to fake young master Alec lured and sexually abused.she gives birth to a child, who is called Sorrow but dies soon because of grave illness.She later met Angel Claire, they two fall in love and become engaged.

Then comes the wedding night, too honest to keep any secret, Tess admits about Alec D'Urbervilles and the child. She begs for forgiveness,The truth is her husband Angel think it is unacceptable and leave her,Since then, the stigma of the fact that deprived her of acceptance,she re-see Alec who has been a pastor,Owning to the Ruthless of Angel Claire and her impoverished family,the evil person appears again. He takes advantage of the Durbeyfields' poverty and continues to tempt Tess. He promises to support her family, only as a means to make Tess dependent. At the end of hope, the girl jumps into the trap of the shameless man.

However, the tragedy has not finished yet,. And his arrival makes Tess even more desperate. After Angel leaves, she stabs Alec in the heart and kills him. Then she follows Angel and escape with him. They manage to hide for a while in a wood before they come to Stonehenge, where she is arrested. She is hanged later. The turn of events and the moment of catharsis prove that the novel is a classic Aristotelian tragedy .

So, Tess's tragedy is a social tragedy? Is the fate of the tragedy? Or character tragedy? Or all three beyond what? I have made to the following brief analysis and interpretation: There is no doubt that the tragedy of Tess of the first social tragedy. Hardy's "Wessex" novels is in their hometown of Wessex as the background. Mid-19th century British capitalist industrial civilization invaded rural areas, Hardy has also been the home of the powerful impact of the rapid disintegration of their patriarchal society, individual farmers into unemployment in the economy, poverty, misery. Face the consequences of industrial civilization, with Hardy as a humanitarian who have a strong impact mind, deeply emotionally attached to the old patriarchal civilization, hate industrial civilization of the people to destroy the state of harmonious living. Local Hardy novel and social tragedy of consciousness based on the social background to industrial civilization and clan clash of civilizations as the starting point, using the panoramic to the local, objective description of the point from the side strokes, in-depth the performance of people struggling to survive.

"Tess", by Thomas Hardy was the impact of industrial civilization of the country had panoramic picture, and then Tess's family as a microcosm of individual farmers, in-depth show the plight of people suffering in the physical struggle. Society is a human tragedy of the conflict with the social environment created. Tess lives in the UK invasion of capitalism to the countryside and poisoning the atmosphere of Victorian society. The Choice between Love and, despite the beautiful smart, hard-working good, but poor family, such as washing, economic constraints, a heavy burden, she was in the low social status, as a laborer, a right to money for agricultural workers, he will be capitalism various social oppression and abuse, oppression and abuse of these are economic, power, and physical, more spiritual, religious, moral, traditional values. Her tragedy was caused by the times, while Clay represents Yalei and Tess into the abyss of two different objective social forces, and together they directly caused the tragedy of Tess of the community.

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