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 Let's know something more about ‘Skydiving

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PostSubject: Let's know something more about ‘Skydiving   Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:42 pm

Human desire never cares about situation and circumstances. It just wants to reach the ultimate destination at any how. Sky diving is the one amongst impossible human acts and its successful attempt in spite of severe adverse condition establishes stubborn attitude of human desire. No one can forget the first successful skydiving attempt by ‘Jacques Garnerin'. Not only man even woman dared to perform this crazy act. Tiny Broadwick was the name of first lady who dared to jump from the airplane. Though, there is one more contender for first sky diving attempt in woman category and the name is Kathe Paulus.

Anyways! We will not determine or discuss the issue about the first and second sky diver. The idea is to experience the magical essence of extreme human endeavor. The most remarkable stuff attached with the gentleman ‘Jacques Garnerin' is that he performed skydiving from balloon. During those days, there was no airplane. Probably, airplane was on experimental phase in Robert brothers' laboratory. The word ‘sky-diving' introduced in mid-1950s and before it was just ‘parachuting'. Raymond young was the first person for him; the word ‘skydiving' was used.

First time during world war, Parachuting and skydiving attracted public attention. After the war, it was the mainstream hobby amongst soldiers. They were organizing and participating in this event. In the year 1957, first skydiving school founded. Now, company like GoSkyDive has taken this hobby to a new grand height.

There is a common perception that jumping from a plane from meters above is just deadly. But, experts like GoSkyDive believe that it is an art. If you perform this art under the experts' guideline than it would be just like any other normal activity. There are guidelines which speaks about correct timing for deploying the parachute, incorrect folding of the parachute and so on. In 92 percent cases, accident occurs just because of mistakes in judgment and procedure.

Public should be honest at least for themselves. They should not hide any medical concerns which may be vital during skydiving. Before jumping, one must be ensure about the gear, helmet, goggles and jumpsuit. Ideally, there must be a FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified reserve parachute during jumping.

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Let's know something more about ‘Skydiving
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