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 Experiment Station director

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PostSubject: Experiment Station director   Tue Jul 19, 2011 1:46 am

Experiment Station director
The black and white photograph is of a large room that contains a lot of electronic equipment. The lower half of the image contains a cylindrical white container that is a nuclear reactor. There is a walkway at the top of the reactor, which leads back to a control room where two men are sitting.
The Neely Research Reactor, which was built in part due to Boyd's influence.

Boyd was promoted to Assistant Director of Research at the Engineering Experiment Station in 1954. He served as director of the station from July 1, 1957, until 1961.[19] While at Georgia Tech, Boyd wrote an influential article about the role of research centers at institutes of technology,[26] which argued that research should be integrated with education; Boyd applied this by involving undergraduates in his day-to-day research.[3] Boyd was known for his recruitment of faculty capable of both teaching and performing notable research. He was influential enough to be able to override the wishes of Joseph Howey, director of the School of Physics, on occasion: for example, Boyd successfully hired physicist Earl W. McDaniel in 1954 over Howey's determined opposition.[27][28][Note 2]
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Experiment Station director
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