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 The Working Men's Society

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PostSubject: The Working Men's Society   Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:45 pm

The Working Men's Society
A group of six middle-aged men in dark jackets and ties, three seated and three standing
The Working Men's Society

In the summer of 1867, Bache and Dannreuther formed "The Working Men's Society," a small association to promote the music of Wagner, Liszt and Schumann in England, with Karl Klindworth as an elder statesman for the group. The Society met regularly at one another's homes for the study and discussion of this music. The first study session met in December and consisted of the "Spinning Song" from Wagner's opera The Flying Dutchman, played by Dannreuther in Liszt's piano transcription. At the meeting the next month, the group tackled the first two scenes of Das Rheingold. The meeting which followed
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The Working Men's Society
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