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 [edit] Production

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PostSubject: [edit] Production   Fri Jul 08, 2011 1:42 pm

Some time later, Rose has a dream where she hears the Doctor's voice calling her. Rose, her parents, and Mickey follow the voice to a remote bay in Norway called Bad Wolf Bay, where an evanescent image of the Doctor appears as he harnesses the power of a supernova to transmit through one of the final breaches. Because the breach is going to close permanently in two minutes, the pair share one last conversation. Rose breaks down in tears and tells him that she loves him; but as the Doctor starts to reply, the breach closes for good. Back on the TARDIS, the Doctor is shown with tears on his cheeks. He eventually regains his composure, wiping away his tears, and sets a new course. He looks up to see a woman in a wedding dress (portrayed by Catherine Tate), who demands to know where she is.[4]
[edit] Production
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[edit] Production
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