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 Rose tells Mickey

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PostSubject: Rose tells Mickey    Fri Jul 08, 2011 1:40 pm

Meanwhile, Rose tells Mickey they were kept alive because, as time travellers, their touch would activate the Ark. Sec explains that the Cult cannot open the Ark because it is stolen Time Lord technology. He demands that Rose open it but she refuses and goads the Daleks with her knowledge of the Time War's conclusion; and the fact that she annihilated their Emperor[3] The Doctor appears and, upon realising that the Daleks are the Cult of Skaro, he uses his sonic screwdriver to break the seal on the room, allowing the humans to escape while the Cybermen attack the Daleks. In their haste Mickey accidentally activates the Ark. The Daleks escape the initial wave of Cybermen and travel with the Ark to the exterior of Canary Wharf to release the Ark's contents: millions of Daleks who were imprisoned during the Time War. The Daleks descend on London and the Daleks and Cybermen begin fighting all over the world.
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Rose tells Mickey
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