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 Suborder Haplorhini,

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PostSubject: Suborder Haplorhini,    Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:23 pm

Suborder Haplorhini, the simple-nosed or "dry-nosed" primates, is composed of two sister clades.[1] Prosimian tarsiers in the family Tarsiidae (monotypic in its own infraorder Tarsiiformes), represent the most basal division, originating about 58 mya.[24][25] The infraorder Simiiformes emerged about 40 mya,[19] and contains two clades, both parvorders: Platyrrhini, which developed in South America, consisting of New World monkeys, and Catarrhini, which developed in Africa, consisting of Old World monkeys, humans and the other apes.[1] A third clade, which included the eosimiids, developed in Asia but went extinct millions of years ago.[26]
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Suborder Haplorhini,
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