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 Easy Steps To Public Speaking Without Anxiety

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PostSubject: Easy Steps To Public Speaking Without Anxiety   Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:09 am

Many people fear public speaking and rank it very high in their list of things that they do not want to do. However those same people very often think that accomplished public speakers do not have a scintilla of doubt before they step up to the microphone. This is not true.
Most public speakers have a degree of anxiety before giving a speech. A good public speaker will channel that anxiety and use it as a friend. It can sharpen the mind provided that you do not let the fear of speaking in public dominate your thinking and paralyse your actions. Anyone can learn to harness that anxiety and make it work for you rather than against you.
There are a number of strategies that will help you to cope with anxiety.
Be well prepared and practice your speech
Think of the opposite to this. If you have not prepared properly and have not practiced you know that you are going to fail and so anxiety grows. In other articles I have listed tips to help you prepare your speech. You should begin preparation many weeks before delivering the speech. Be clear about the message you wish to convey, research your subject, write the speech out in full and practice, refine, practice, refine until you feel confident. It is that process which will reduce anxiety to manageable proportions.
Warm up first
This is done by singers and performers of all sorts. You are no different. Ensure that you arrive before you are due to speak then find a secluded space and read some text.. Deliver the text out loud with varying rates of speed and loudness.. This will clear your throat and let your voice settle to its natural pitch.. Make sure that your body is relaxed by doing some stretching exercises. If you are speaking at a dinner excuse yourself during the last courses and go for a walk in the car park. Deliver portions of your speech out loud to the inanimate objects around you.
Deep breathing
Take a deep breath through the nose, hold for 3 - 4 seconds than slowly exhale through the mouth. Repeat five times then take the breaths in through the mouth and out through the nose. As you exhale think that you are expelling the pressure from your body.
Prepare your introduction with great care
The first minute of your speech is in many respects the most important. It sets the tone for what is to come and also will settle your anxiety if you deliver it well. This can be with something humorous but I advise you to leave set piece jokes to professional comedians. It can be something personal or at least nothing to do with the main topic of your speech. It is worth collecting opening paragraphs that can be used on all occasions. These opening sentences will be delivered from memory. Special attention must be paid to the content and word rhythm of that introduction so that it will flow with ease and polish..
Focus on the meaning
In order not to worry about how you look and other extraneous factors concentrate of the meaning of the words that you are delivering. You have taken care to draft the text well so you know it will sound good when it is heard by your audience. If you concentrate just on the meaning of what you are saying you will not be anxious about your speech. Another way of considering this is that you will have worked hard on the content of your speech. If your message comes from the heart your support of it will be uppermost in your mind.. The importance of the message overcomes your anxiety about the reaction of your audience.
Develop a positive mental attitude
Think of yourself as a good public speaker. Do not allow self doubt to cloud your thinking. To be successful you must visualise yourself as a successful public speaker. Hold on to that vision and make it a reality.

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Easy Steps To Public Speaking Without Anxiety
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