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 5th Division (Iraq)

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PostSubject: 5th Division (Iraq)   Sat May 14, 2011 5:00 am

The 5th Division ('Iron Division') is a formation (military) of the Iraqi Army, originally formed in 1959 as a mechanised division.[1] It fought in the Iran-Iraq War, and in the Persian Gulf War (including at the Battle of Khafji). The 3rd Armoured and 5th Mechanised Divisions, the assault force for the Battle of Khafji, had both been retrained in 1986-87 and had participated in many of the 1988 offensives.[2] On the night of 2930 January 1991, three of four battalion-sized task forces of the 5th Mechanised Division had been turned back by U.S. Marine covering forces, but the fourth moved into Khafji and was later destroyed there. On 30 January 1991 as the division crossed the frontier for the main attack, the 26th Armoured Brigade was trapped in a minefield and had a large amount of damage inflicted on it. The commander of the III Corps, Major General Salah Aboud Mahmoud, called the attack off as he believed it was impossible to execute the full plan.

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5th Division (Iraq)
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